Plastic Free July

Join the #plasticfreejuly challenge with ORAKI

Each year, up to 12 million tonnes of plastic, often single-use items and packaging enter the sea. At this rate, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. It is time for change and to do better towards our planet. Oraki takes part in this challenge with you for a plastic free month of July.


This hashtag means not using disposable plastic items during the month of July to encourage people to find better alternatives. No more single-use plastic straws, water bottles, coffee cups and cutlery. All these items that are only used once and then thrown into the garbage and then into our oceans.

This challenge aims to encourage us to be more conscious about our plastic usage, the damage it causes and how we can reduce it by changing our habits. Oraki supports this initiative and invites you to share your « zero plastic best pratices » using #beoraki and #plasticfreejuly on social media.


Cynthia, Oraki’s founder, has not used a plastic water bottle for the past 3 years! She states it’s all about being organized and well prepared. As an example, she always has a reusable water bottle and a bag with her. These are new habits to adopt that will soon become part of your daily routine. These small changes will have a huge impact on the future of our planet. Let’s decide today to be part of the solution and to avoid being part of the problem. Start small but start now!#beoraki.

Here is a list of what you can do as of today to reduce your plastic usage:

  • Carry reusable plastic bottle, coffee cup, cutlery and shopping bags.
  • Choose bambu toothbrushes – compostable and recyclable.
  • Stop using plastic straws – useless and harmful for birds.
  • Stop releasing balloons into the atmosphere – the damages it causes are terrible.
  • Buy soaps instead of shower gels and solid shampoos instead of bottled ones.
  • Buy in bulk products. It’s a simple and time saving habit to adopt.
  • At the office, have everything you need: reusable water bottle, coffee cup, and cutlery.
  • For women, give the diva cup a try to replace regular tampons.
  • Avoid buying travel sized items. If you need them, choose some small containers that can be filled up and reusedover time.
  • Stop using plastic wrap in the kitchen and use glass containers instead.

It’s time to make better consumption choices. For example, when you buy an ice cream, pick a cone you can eat rather than a cup that will end up in the garbage. It all starts with small changes and it is easier than you might think. Change your habits one by one, talk about this challenge, speak up about the danger of plastic pollution, share with the younger generation the positive steps that we can take to fight it so that they can learn and carry on. There is a lot that can be done. And all together we can make a real difference for our planet.

Oraki will inspire you during this challenge by sharing products that can replace single-use plastic items.

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s start and share your actions using #beoraki and #plasticfreejuly.

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