ORAKI, Mission and Values

Did you know that ORAKI is a combination of the words “ORA” and “KIND”? They represent exactly our mission, which is to be kind with humans, animals and our planet!

More Than Yoga and Sports Clothing Brand

The company is a result of a desire to reuse plastic, a post-consumer product, and to develop an ecofriendly recycled raw material. It was out of the question to use fabrics simply because they were beautiful. ORAKI offers clothes made of recycled bottles, but our mission is also to educate people about pollution caused by the plastic we use in our consumption habits. In addition to making ecofriendly clothes, we want to raise awareness on environmental issues caused by the fashion industry.

Beside the fact that the environment is one of ORAKI’s main concerns, we also want to build a strong relationship based on trust. It is essential for us that you know that all our products are made by people passionate about making a difference. They want to offer more than anything a good quality product that respects our environmental values.


A Brand and a Logo, but First a Message

When you chose ORAKI, you don’t only chose the brand. Wearing the logo is showing that you also proudly care about the environment, oceans and our planet. By supporting the brand, you contribute to the success of the company, which in turn supports many companies in cleaning up oceans and landfills in order to recycle materials as much as possible. You also participate in this great project when you buy a pair of leggings and share our ecofriendly vision with your friends and family. The only way we can really make a difference is to talk about it!

It is important for us to create an environmentally friendly brand, from the beginning of our operations until its delivery. It is a constant concern for us to find new ways to become more responsible and to reduce our environmental footprint.

Are you ready to make a difference?

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