My photo shoot in Portugal

My photo shoot in Portugal

Lately I had in mind to have our leggings travel a little bit and to organize a different kind of photo shoot: abroad! And that’s how the photo shoot for our collection happened in Portugal during an amazing adventure!

Why in Portugal?

Because it was the chosen vacations destination for us: me, my partner and our two kids with a couple of friends and their son.
We had decided to travel for a week in westfalia to discover Portugal in a very hippy lifestyle. We traveled through the Douro valley, very well-known for its vineyards that we visited. We camped and we enjoyed walking around this beautiful country. It was a great reason to combine personal travel and business trip. Our journey started in Lisbon, where the photo shoot happened.

westfalia and family

Before leaving

To organize a trip for both family and work, it has to be prepared in advance. That’s why I worked on the project more than a month and a half before departure to make sure everything would go well.

I did some research remotely to find a team on location.

  • A photographer: the talented Olga Moreira
  • A team of videographers: Kate and Andrew from MURALL
  • Models: four girls from Lisbon
Photo shoot
photo shoot 2

The alfama district

The team being complete, we just had to find a location for the photo shoot. We picked the Alfama district in Lisbon.

It is the oldest and therefore the most typical neighbourhood in the city. The charm of its streets is indisputable. It is deeply imbued with the history of the city and so surprising.

The photo shoot

There was a slight wave of panic the morning of the photo shoot when one of the five models canceled. But being an entrepreneur I am used to dealing with all kinds of unexpected things quickly. So I decided to go with the four models present, even if it meant changing a little the planned shoot. I admit that I learned to be farsighted and had opted for five girls in the event that one of them would pull out, which is what happened.

So I came alone with my big bag of samples and an Uber at the meeting point for the photo shoot in a city I did not know. I found the photographer and videographers there. We then climbed the stairs of the Alfama neighbourhood and we arrived in a small remote place

– ideal place to take pictures.

Before the shoot I organized a kind of group focus session to talk about Oraki, our products and our mission: to help children and of course to reduce the pollution caused by plastic bottles. I immediately felt a beautiful mutual aid vibe forming. Everyone was very motivated to be part of this project

There was a lot of laughter, especially with the models, four awesome girls from Lisbon. We all had fun. It was really special because everyone was natural, as if we had known each other forever. The afternoon was beautifully sunny and we could even watch the sunset – which gave sublime pictures.

And then there was that almost unreal moment when everyone spoke in Portuguese, and there was me, who understood absolutely nothing! But I realized that everyone was talking about my products, how to place themself to get the best shot. My products mentioned in a foreign language, in Portugal, by people who were involved in my cause: it’s such a magical memory.

At the end of the session, I took pictures of the models by themselves, we hugged before we went our separate ways, so happy for those few hours together. We stayed in touch and friendships have been formed.

It was a great experience for me! A trip mixing work and family, great encounters in a new country. And the result is so good! The wonderful moment spent during the photo shoot is reflected in the photos!

4 girls friendship
4 girls friendship 2
Girls smiling
Grils on stairs
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