This new hashtag is meant to encourage diversity but also to bring awareness on the importance of self love and self acceptance. It enhances the significance of respect and others’ acceptance.

Why? Because we think that in 2019 it would be about time to leave prejudices behind us!

In December, we did a photoshoot aiming at showing diversity with our models – which resulted in a beautiful photoshoot. All these great persons all together against prejudice and ignorance –  it was amazing!


With this #inclusion2019 hashtag, we hope to create a mouvement so that we can all move toward a better world acting against discrimination and ignorance.

Our world would be so boring if everything was linear and if we were all the same, wouldn’t it?!

To live and let live is a beautiful and essential value that needs to come first. When you stop judging others, you attract more positive energy on yourself – self acceptance and others’ acceptance without any attempt to change them makes life better and easier.

Human strength and richness come from diversity and each and everyone’s unicity. Let’s preserve it instead of trying to hide it. Let’s focus our efforts on including everyone and let’s stop excluding people – that’s the key to living in an harmonious society.

It is finally pretty easy to make a better world: lots of love, tolerance and respect! So if these values resonates with you, don’t hesitate to share it on social media with #inclusion2019.

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