Meagan, a Sudbury native, puts on her first pair of ice skates at 3 years old. At a very young age, she shows a lot of talent and the desire to continuously excel. But it is truly at 14 years old that skating becomes her passion. She moves to Barrie in order to have the opportunity to practice with the best trainers and skaters.

She debuts on the international scene in 2001 during a solo competition in Malmö, Sweden. She wins several championships as well as the title of champion in the Canadian Junior Women’s competition. But in 2004, she decides to compete in a couple’s competition with Ryan Arnold. They are the first to successfully execute the triple Lutz side by side. In June 2007, she moves to Montreal to team up with Craig Buntin under the supervision of Richard Gauthier and Bruno Marcotte.

In 2008, Meagan becomes vegan, a crucial decision for her. She receives her diploma in holistic nutrition. She confirms that her longevity and her superb physical shape are due to her vegan diet. She also becomes a fervent supporter of animal rights.

In June 2010, she forms a duo with Eric Radford and in January 2012, they win their first Canadian championships. As a couple they will win 7 more, a record in Canadian ice-skating history. In 2014, they receive the silver medal in the Olympic Games during the team competition. In 2015 and 2016, they are crowned world champions.

In 2017, Meagan supports Free Korean Dogs, an organization whose mission is to abolish the canine meat industry.

In 2018, Meagan and Eric participate in their last Olympic Games competition in Pyeongchang. They win the gold and the silver medals. Once again, Meagan makes history for carrying out a quadruple Salchow jump!

The book Soulmates On Ice, that reveals the captivating story of these two ice skating stars, will be available in stores this fall. Aware of the importance of ensuring the future for the sport, she shares her knowledge and experience in workshops. Health remains also a priority for her and, every time she has the opportunity, she talks about the benefits of veganism.

You can visit Meagan’s website at and read her blog about everything that she is passionate about.

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