Jessie was born in Lac-Etchemin and grew up in Sainte-Marie. Ready for CEGEP, she leaves for Quebec City to study film and later goes to Sherbrooke to study psychology. Jessie, already a vegetarian at the time, decides to switch to veganism. After this transition and realization, she becomes an activist for animal rights.

As an advocate for animal rights, she participates in protests and vigils. She realizes that her impact on the planet could be much greater if she grew her audience. With this idea in mind, she decides to mix her activism with her passion for arts. She directs several engaging short films and videos which mold her activism.

Her appearance in the series Occupation Double catches everyone’s attention. She spreads the word veganism across the province of Quebec and becomes a reference for this movement as well as for other social justice and environmental battles. She continues to use her voice, her art and her visibility everyday to promote all the causes she stands for.

Veganism has never had such a strong presence at such a crucial time.

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