The Quebec public first discovered Ingrid Falaise in the movie Elles étaient cinq and then, got to know her in Virginie which ran for almost six years. Thereafter, we enjoyed her performances on stage in the hit play Les dix petits nègres and in the tv series Mémoires vives.

Ingrid’s very first book, Le Monstre, was declared a best-seller less than a month after its release. Le Monstre has also been published in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Poland. More than 75,000 copies have been sold in Quebec, a remarkable achievement for this new author. In fact, since January 2016, Le Monstre is on the required reading list of many University of Montreal courses.

After appearing on Tout le monde en parle, she wins a Zapette d’or trophy for the most gripping interview of the year.

In September 2017, Ingrid publishes her second book Le Monstre, La Suite which makes its way to the top of reading lists. Just a few weeks after its release, with more than 32,000 copies sold, it becomes a best-seller, but that’s only the beginning!

She also dubs a number of ads and participates in public readings several times a year.

This fall, Ingrid will appear on Les Dieux de la danse. At this time, she is busy writing her third novel.

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